Emergency Exit Devices in Public Transport

A reliable solution to the problem of exiting a vehicle quickly in an emergency

Emergency Exit Devices in Public Transport

A reliable solution to the problem of exiting a vehicle quickly in an emergency

Vehicle manufacturers – OEM fitted by leading bus manufacturers

Emergency Exit Devices | Safety Devices | Buses | safeTpunch

Fitted by major bus manufacturers to emergency exit glass in more than 17 countries. safeTpunch is set to become the ‘best practice’ method that ensures emergency exits will be quickly and effectively broken, and lives saved! Manufacturers globally are specifying safeTpunch as part of their accepted transport standards and are including it in their Bill of Materials.

  • OEM client Alexander Dennis bus and coach manufacturer has installed safeTpunch on over 12,000 buses and coaches in the EU and
  • Wright bus International has installed safeTpunch in all 1,400 New London buses and in over 7,500 vehicles from their other
  • Nobina in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark are removing the old hammer systems and replacing them with safeTpunch devices in over 6,000 vehicles in their fleet
  • Sena windows has fitted safeTpunch devices on all Rea Vaya bus roof hatches in South Africa
  • Bell installed safeTpunch on all yellow metal vehicles in British Columbia
  • Wrightbus International and Optare bus manufactures use safeTpunch devices on fire extinguisher covers

Operators – Emergency Exit Devices in tour buses, school buses, public buses

Operating a vehicle for profit, requires the business owner to take responsibility for passenger safety which, encompasses driver competence and road worthiness including effective safety measures.

safeTpunch is easily affordable and even easier to apply. Operators or maintenance companies responsible for school or other buses, coaches, trains, airport transit or apron vehicles, taxis or shuttle services can retrofit their vehicles with a safeTpunch to increase the effectiveness of emergency exits and reduce the risk to passengers in an emergency.

Easily affixed to the glass, safeTpunch breaks the glass on impact with minimal effort. Multiple punches allow safeTpunch’s tip to deliver additional force so that a child younger than 12, the elderly or infirm, could also readily break the glass in an emergency.

Unlike hammers and lever operated emergency escape systems the safeTpunch emergency exit device is fixed  to the toughened glass window with a very high UV resistant, strengthened bond. This eliminates theft, vandalism and the need for external mountings or custom interior panels with complex instructions for installation and use.

Fleet – Emergency Exit Devices in limos, taxis, corporate

Emergency Exit Devices | Safety Devices | Fleet | safeTpunch

In an emergency, all safety glass windows require a device that will reliably overcome the strength of the glass and break it quickly!

safeTpunch has a specially designed tungsten alloy impact tip attached to an aluminium plunger that can be ‘punched’ to break through safety glass in any environment, even under water, with minimal effort.

Whether  you operate Fleets of Busses for profit  across countries or cities, or as shuttles to and from airports and hotels or simply just transport your staff to and from the office, you have an obligation to ensure that they can exit the vehicle quickly and safely in an emergency.  One safety punch for every 12 passengers applied to side windows and rear emergency exits.

Take your life in your own hands ensure that the busses and shuttles you choose to travel on are fitted with safetpunch.

Component part manufacturers

Suppliers and manufacturers of  roof hatches and windows new or for replacement for Busses and shuttles can deliver your product inclusive of safetpunch emergency exit devices already installed. Single or double glazed, for extreme weather conditions, curved or straight glass we have a safetpunch to suit all shapes and sizes.